Automatic index generation for product combinations in Prestashop 1.7


Automatic index generation for product combinations in Prestashop 1.7

Prestashop introduces several types of products – simple products, kits products, virtual products or product combinations.

Each product in Prestashop can be additionally described by attributes and features. Of these two mechanisms, the attributes are the basis for creating a combination of the same product, e.g. a product-T-shirt may have colors and sizes, each combination may have an individual price, stock level, index or Ean13 number, etc. The product does not have to be available in every combination of attributes.

The Prestashop 1.7 admin panel allows for the automatic generation of product combinations. It is done by marking selected values ​​from the group of attributes and pressing the Generate button.

The code supporting the product combination generation process is located, among others in the AdminAttributeGeneratorController.php controller class as well as in other places, e.g. code files belonging to the new architecture (Symfony, Twig).

For our client, we have modified the product combination generation process in such a way as to extend the standard mechanism with new functions, e.g. we have introduced a mechanism for automatically generating a product combination index using attribute values, including an additional column in the database, additionally supported in the Prestashop 1.7 administration panel.

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