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Automatic import and update of products from XML to WooCommerce

For our client, we have created a WordPress plugin that automatically imports and updates products in WooCommerce based on XML files (product, price and stock feed) from suppliers of advertising gadgets:

  • AXPOL,
  • ANDA,

The updated data includes product data such as assigned categories, prices, states, combinations or product descriptions. The plugin also imports and updates photos from the shared repository. Product import enables data filtering. It can be run both manually from a web browser as well as as a CRON task. It is possible to divide tasks into separate calls, ie separately adding and updating products, photos, updating prices, states, etc. The import is performed iteratively with a configurable number of operations per call in order to ensure stable and reliable operation with a limited script working time.

A dedicated plugin and code importing data from XML to WooCommerce may have advantages over the most popular modules such as WP All Import. Modules of this type offer ready-made functionalities such as mapping XML fields to WordPress or WooCommerce entry fields, managing exchange processes, copying photos, etc., but they are a more closed product. They are a very good start to recognize problems related to import or initial filling of the database and its updating. The practice of large volumes and complex data structures shows, however, that in order to obtain adequate stability or efficiency, the intervention of a programmer is required in many aspects of the import process.

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PrestaShop Warehouse and Asylum theme updates and fixes

Due to the changing standards of Internet technologies, incl. HTML mark-up, search engine algorithms and the emergence of new solutions and applications, especially social media such as Facebook or Twitter, in order to maintain ergonomics of work and high scores by search engine algorithms, the skins of stores and websites should be updated.
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Prestashop and web-to-print solution for an online wallpaper printing house

For our client, we have created a web-to-print solution based on the Prestashop software for an online wallpaper printing house.

Thanks to the solution, the customer of the printing house can choose one of the wallpaper patterns available in the catalog, mark and cut in the web browser a selected fragment of the pattern that will be copied in print, specify additional parameters and add this selection to the store’s basket.

Generally, graphic files for printing must have the appropriate ruling and be supported with an appropriate color profile so that the printing on a specific device is as close as possible to the pattern visible on the computer screen. The solution also supports the process of preparing the selected pattern for printing through appropriate operations based on the database of files for printing and the infrastructure of the prepress room.

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Migration of Zend-based cms website to WordPress

With our partners, we have migrated a website based on the proprietary cms implemented with the Zend framework to the WordPress system.

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Repair of the company website in Joomla after an update crash with an error message

For our Client, we have repaired a website based on CMS Joomla, which was damaged during an  update  crash.

During the repair, problems with various required server PHP versions were identified, all for the original site code, updated part and the installer, and during next steps, non-functioning friendly url, subpages of the front part and the administrator.

In practice, the website code present on the server and the database were an inconsistent mixture of at least 2 different Joomla versions.

The first stage of repair allowed for the completion of the update process, removal of the installer, selection of the appropriate version of the PHP interpreter, interface corrections, launching some of the non-functioning front pages available under friendly urls.

In the second stage, the consistency of the CMS code fragments after determining the closest center of gravity of the version was improved, and a phased database correction thanks to staged selective SQL query calls.

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Automatic index generation for product combinations in Prestashop 1.7

Prestashop introduces several types of products – simple products, kits products, virtual products or product combinations.

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Prestashop migration from version 1.5.4. * To 1.7.6. * and customization

For our client, we have migrated a Prestashop online store from software version 1.5.4. * to version 1.7.6. *. In practice, the data of the store was migrated and the target shape of the store was a result of customization according to the customer’s requirements.

The migration was done manually due to errors reported by the One Click Upgrade module. The database models that differ between versions required the introduction of appropriate corrections to the structure in Prestashop 1.7.6. * And the accompanying changes in the pseudo ORM classes of the current software.

The purpose of data migration was to preserve content on partially recreated unique links  for products with photos, categories, CMS subpages and BLOG subpages, as well as the customer database with a sales history while maintaining customer passwords. The store was launched with the free classic theme with appropriate modifications.

We also made the following visual and functional customizations:
– displaying photos of subcategories in the main menu and on the home page,
– an individual template of order reference number in a predefined format,
– dedicated payment method – deferred payment,
– separation of the buyer’s data from the shipping address in the customer panel, administrator,
– additional column in the product attributes table (for product combinations) handled by the administrator,
– modifications of the customer panel in the store administrator in the new Symfony / Twig architecture (AdminCustomerController -> CustomerController),
– VAT TIN validation in two formats,
– correction of the product combination generation algorithm,
– introducing the process of approving changes to the buyer’s data,
– information on individual terms of cooperation in the client’s panel,
– etc.

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Prestashop and VIES Validation System – automatic selection of 0% VAT rate

For our client who operates a Prestashop store, we have implemented  an automatic selection of the 0% VAT rate for buyers – taxpayers registered in the European Union in the VIES Vat validation system.

The moment of entering the VAT number, it is automatically confirmed in the VIES and the appropriate rate is selected.

The solution was created in response to 3 Prestashop modules purchased and not working properly.

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Prestashop migration from 1.6.* to 1.7.*

For our Customer, we have migrated the online store based on Prestashop v 1.6.* to Prestashop v 1.7.* version.

The migration was done manually, due to errors that appeared while using the automatic tool, later confirmed during, among others, copying data from a database between similar but different models.

The purpose of the migration, as opposed to building a new store, was to preserve the content on unique url’s along with photos for products, categories, CMS subpages and BLOG subpages, as well as a customer database with sales history while maintaining customer passwords. Some customizations have been transferred to the newly implemented skin working with Prestashop 1.7, as well as the data of free and commercial modules.

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Dedicated product catalog and ordering system with Joomla with SEO support

For our Customer we have made a dedicated product catalog and ordering system based on Joomla CMS. The solution uses AJAX mechanisms. The ordering system operates on the basis of a separate CMS Joomla installation in relation to the base Joomla installation presenting the company offer, however, due to ergonomics and user convenience, a mechanism similar to SSO – SingleSignOn is additionally provided.

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