Joomla development

The Joomla system is one of the oldest and most advanced CMS systems based on PHP / MySQL technology.

The origins of Joomla date back to 2000, when the Mambo project was launched, from which the Joomla project split off as a separate development line in 2005 and began to live its own life.

Joomla was gaining popularity, there were many free skins, extensions and modules available in the mixed model – some for free, some for the paid model. The clear and visually attractive administration panel attracted attention. Joomla offered a number of complex functionalities in an installation package.

In the architectural and functional sense, Joomla distinguished three types of extensions, i.e. plugins, modules and components.

Interestingly, the philosophy of a large number of immediately available configuration options in the administration panel, and the not very clear concept of creating extensions was a significant barrier for users, both inexperienced and programmers. As a curiosity, you can give an example that companies specializing in Joomla implementations were very reluctant to customize modules or the system itself for a specific implementation. On the other hand, a number of companies that have met and got used to Joomla, have not decided to switch to the simpler WordPress system. The Drupal system was much more difficult to master, as it offered more advanced functionalities supporting structured content.

A significant drawback of the Joomla system was the performance which was significantly improved in version 3.

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