Prestashop migration from 1.6.* to 1.7.*


Prestashop migration from 1.6.* to 1.7.*

For our Customer, we have migrated the online store based on Prestashop v 1.6.* to Prestashop v 1.7.* version.

The migration was done manually, due to errors that appeared while using the automatic tool, later confirmed during, among others, copying data from a database between similar but different models.

The purpose of the migration, as opposed to building a new store, was to preserve the content on unique url’s along with photos for products, categories, CMS subpages and BLOG subpages, as well as a customer database with sales history while maintaining customer passwords. Some customizations have been transferred to the newly implemented skin working with Prestashop 1.7, as well as the data of free and commercial modules.

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