Prestashop PC-Market integration module

Prestashop PC-Market Integration Module

Prestashop  Integration Module for PC-Market

For customers using the PC-Market 7.5.* System and those owning Prestashop stores, we have created a dedicated Prestashop module connecting both systems using our proprietary integration software.

The Insoft PC-Market system ( has a universal interface for exchanging data with Pcm2www online stores via XML files in two versions. It enables the export of list data from the PC-Market database to online stores, import of orders from applications servicing online stores to the PC-Market database for the Order from the Recipient document, export of order confirmations and statuses as well as product photos and other additional files.

On the Prestashop website, data exchange is provided by the module we have created. This module can be developed or configured and implemented for other clients of PC-Market system users according to individual needs and expectations.


The main implemented functionalities of the integration module:

  • import and update of products and combinations of products (prices, statuses),
  • importing photos of products from a remote or local repository,
  • import of product features and attributes,
  • the possibility of individual mapping of product categories, assortments, etc. into Prestashop categories,
  • adding accessories (related products),
  • import and registration of reductions, promotions,
  • deactivation of products with condition or zero price,
  • controlling the form of friendly links for the purpose of positioning in search engines,
  • control of new products in Prestashop,
  • binding by index, Ean13 code or other common unique identifier,
  • the possibility of forming a shop menu,
  • the possibility of importing in separate threads and calls of products, stocks, prices, photos, etc.,
  • starting search engine indexation and Prestashop filters,
  • importing and considering stock blockades or reservations from one or several warehouses,
  • ignoring selected products (excluding from import),
  • the ability to create import statistics, notification of errors.
Prestashop PC-Market integration module uses PCM2WWW

Prestashop PC-Market integration module uses PCM2WWW

Performance, phase and asynchronous communication

The integration module is adapted to work with Prestashop stores installed on popular hosting sites, and thus in an environment where there are limitations related to the time of running a PHP script called remotely (often from 30 to 60 seconds) or using a cron mechanism (300 to 600 seconds). The module has the following features:

  • phase and iterative data exchange,
  • the possibility of importing a volume of tens of thousands of products and more,
  • the possibility of resuming the interrupted import in the middle of a multi-gigabyte XML file from PC-Market,
  • the possibility of profiling communication
  • delete swap files,
  • the possibility of launching an import via a web browser with the view of exchange process messages,

Implementation methodology

Before proceeding with integration implementation, the Client is asked to complete the implementation questionnaire which in a systematic way allows to describe the implementation environment, the nature of the Prestashop store installation and individual customer requirements. Then, the software is installed, any corrections and modifications to the code are made according to the client’s wishes, the integration is profiled, eg, the frequency of cron calls, etc.

There is a possibility of customizing the integration module according to individual customer requirements as well as using the module for integration with another ERP system.

Licensing model

The licensing model is parameterized by the number of stores on which the integration will work, the duration of the license and the right to modify the source code on its own.

Implementation costs

The cost of implementation consists of a license fee, the costs of adapting the module to individual customer requirements and implementation costs, including configuration of calling cron calls, configuration of PCM2WWW program, configuration of Windows Schedule and possibly Windows access rights.

An unlimited license fee for 1 Prestashop store – PLN 1200 with the right to modify the sources in your own online store business without the right to upgrade to new versions.

The hourly rate of additional work is 80 E/h net.

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