Custom Prestashop module development

Among the various ways of customizing the software, Prestashop offers the ability to create custom modules. These modules can be installed from the administration panel.

There are various benefits associated with creating your own Prestashop modules. Sometimes it is beneficial to encapsulate changes into one module to make it easier to migrate / update the store to a new version, or change the skin. Otherwise, a number of changes would be scattered between the skin, overrides, and core modifications. Another example of justification is parameterizing introduced changes to the store and providing the possibility to change configuration parameters from the module panel level available from the store administration panel, etc. The next example may be periodic activation of functionality from the Prestashop administration panel, e.g. mass modification of title and meta-description of products according to the options set. Some customization is easiest to be done using additional modules, e.g. modules interfering with the product card, category card, enabling the change of internal linking for seo optimization etc.

Prestashop supports the creation of dedicated modules by offering various mechanisms, such as enabling access to the database, support for database queries, the creation of so-called hooks that allow you to interfere with the way the product card is displayed, product category, home page, etc., access to the store user context object with the most needed information, e.g. language or basket and its content, the ability to connect your own javascript or css file, the ability to create stand-alone store pages with your own url both on the front of the store and in the administrative part, construction of configuration parameter forms, a generator building a database record browser and others.

We offer the implementation of custom Prestashop modules.

We have experience in the implementation of various types of modules, in particular integration with storage and sales systems, modules integrating Prestashop with foreign product catalogs or recommendation modules of related products according to a free matching algorithm. We are able to implement modules according to other customer requirements.

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