Prestashop migrations, upgrades and updates

Prestashop, like all software, undergoes constant development during the life cycle. Free and commercial Prestashop modules are developing similarly as well as additional commercial themes. The changes are also associated with the elimination of potential security threats or the development of underlying technologies, e.g. PHP version. The development of these types of software is not always mutually harmonized. Therefore, online stores launched on the basis of Prestashop require constant care, frequent software updates to new versions, or migration in the event of a change in the software development line.

Prestashop store software has a special module supporting automatic software update (version change). As the software changes from version to version, the chances of automatic, error-free update are not 100%.
Under certain circumstances, there is a risk that the process will fail and the changes may become irreversible. Automatic update module errors are not uncommon.

Particularly a lot of problems are caused by the transition between very distant versions, e.g. between development lines, where old versions of skins or modules do not work or dedicated customizations made by programmers during implementation, or the database model has changed both in terms of the Prestashop store kernel and free or commercial modules. In the most demanding cases, store migration between distant Prestashop versions requires many time-consuming tasks such as individual data migration, transferring customization, etc.

We offer efficient and safe version change (upgrade) of Prestashop store software.

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