Prestashop seo optimization and positioning

We have to provide online stores with potential customers, just like regular stores. We can advertise the internet address of our store on handed business cards, leaflets, mail folders, advertise in paper press, on the radio, on TV – if we can afford it and it is profitable, ie the profit from the sale of products exceeds advertising costs.

It would be an obvious mistake not to take advertising on the internet as a priority. We can promote our store on industry forums (so-called word-of-mouth marketing), online editions of newspapers, portals, and above all – in search engines where the Google search engine is dominant on the market. To promote our store in Google search, we can buy advertising in Google AdWords or support the visibility of our store in organic search results, in other words, position our online Prestashop store.

The activities of positioning the online store in search engines include actions directly on the store’s website (“on-page”) and activities in the shop’s online environment (“off-page”). Activities related to on-page optimization and activities in the online environment bring generally more lasting effects than advertising in the form of sponsored links or classic media.

Prestashop supports seo optimization

Prestashop online store software developed for years supports natural positioning in search engines. It is implemented in various ways, including:

  • the ability to manually enter friendly urls for categories and products,
  • the ability to configure automatic friendly links,
  • the ability to manually edit the meta titles and descriptions  for the home page, categories and products and other pages,
  • the possibility of introducing ALT attributes for category and product images,
  • available integration module from Google Analytics,
  • available module of related products (supporting internal linking),
  • available free and commercial modules supporting positioning.
  • other.

The search engine position is also influenced by other factors, such as page loading time related to performance. Prestashop has built-in cache mechanisms, compressing css, js files, template and db caching etc.

In addition to activities on the website of the online store are important activities in the space around the web – off-page. This is mainly backlinking from other site i.e. blogs, forums, management of this facility, its quality, links, etc. Depending on the target group of the store, product range or competitive advantage of the company, optimization and local positioning may also be important.

In the field of web positioning of Prestashop stores, we propose the following tasks ang activities:

  • on-page and off-page audit,
  • development of tactics and positioning strategy for an online store,
  • optimization of descriptions and tagging of products,
  • optimization of url-i (category taxonomy) of products,
  • construction of positioning facilities,
  • installation / integration of modules supporting positioning,
  • creating content on positioning blogs,
  • integration with statistical systems, e.g. GoogleAnalytics,
  • category and product description copyrighting and optimization
  • link building
  • many other.

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