Advantages of using WordPress

CMS systems are a response to the need for frequent updating of websites without the need to hire a programmer. The modularity of CMS systems shortens the process of building a website or website and opens the way for free development or changes. Separation of the visual template of the website from the content stored in the database allows for a flexible refreshing of the image without the need for a complete reconstruction. The use of the CMS system for the purpose of building a major internet service is now a standard and even a necessity.

WordPress is one of the three most popular CMS systems based on the PHP / MySQL / Apache technology. As each of them has its own specificity and under certain circumstances is the optimal choice. Important aspects that make WordPress a good choice are:

  • the majority of commercial hosting services support the PHP / MySQL technology on which WordPress is based (low hosting price, professional and fast service, backup support, etc.),
  • modular system design,
  • separation of the visual template from the software that manages the display of content in the case of WordPress called the theme,
  • simple, friendly, pleasant, tasteful and ergonomic administration panel,
  • a large number of free and commercial graphic themes, also prepared for display on mobile devices (responsive themes),
  • a plenty of ready-made free and commercial extensions called plugins, e.g. internet forums, social platforms, classifieds systems, positioning support modules, etc.
  • support for positioning in search engines,
  • the possibility of integration with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,
  • open structured architecture for creating custom WordPress plugins,
  • big international community of programmers, especially those who know PHP.