WordPress Applications

WordPress applications

IT classifieds service in WordPress

IT classifieds service in WordPress

WordPress is a simple but user-friendly, fine-tuned and convenient in comparison to other content management systems, implemented in Apache/PHP/MySQL technology. Its strength and thus the greatest benefits are revealed in a short time of mastering basic functionalities by the user, a large repository of free and paid themes and plugins. For simple implementations, a virtual server is sufficient from one of the most popular vps providers, which means very low costs.

Based on WordPress, you can build:

  • a company website,
  • a private website,
  • a private blog,
  • a professional portfolio, e.g. a programmer’s portfolio,
  • a gallery of artist’s works.

More serious implementations may require installation or creation of specialized plugins, the employment of a programmer to integrate them, and from the point of view of the infrastructure needed – dedicated servers, e.g. for reasons of scalability, security, intensive processing or internal access zone.

These include:

  • online shops,
  • information portals,
  • social websites,
  • e-commerce websites,
  • classifieds websites,
  • corporate intranets.