WooCommerce realisations, development and services

WooCommerce is a plugin or a CMS WordPress module implemented in technologies / HTML / PHP / Javascript / MySQL that performs the functions of an online store or even a database for various e-commerce systems. WooCommerce continues the WordPress philosophy, ie friendliness or ease of use, which distinguishes itself from other Open Source store systems such as Prestashop.

The advantage of the implementation of online stores using the WordPress and WooCommerce pair is the ability to install and integrate other plugins, so you can connect the online store with the forum or social module.

WooCommerce includes a product catalog, customer base, magazine, reports and basic methods of sending and payment, eg PayPal.

In terms of store implementations based on WooCommerce, we implement:

  • graphic design of the store,
  • embedding a graphic design into the WordPress / WooCommerce skin or the customization of an existing free skin,
  • implementation of additional modules (payment modules, eg PayU, UPS courier modules, etc.)
  • programming dedicated modules and integration eg with a warehouse and sales system or ERP,
  • importing products from CSV / XML files,
  • training in store management.

In addition, we offer:

  • care and maintenance of WooCoomerce stores (update of add-ons, regular backup, etc.),
  • positioning of WooCommerce stores in search engines.

If you are interested, please contact: michal@royaltec.pl